Hunting wolves in Romania

About wolves
Wolf is a robust and supple animal, long up to approx. 1.5 m plus a tail of up to about 0.8 m. The weight is variable usually between 25 and 50 kg in some cases reaching 70-75 kg. The fur is gray brown with multiple variations depending on biotope and season. Its most developed senses are hearing and sight being able to hunt well both at night, its favorite hunting time, and also during day or twilight and dawn. The wolf’s voice is the well-known and frightful long roar, heard especially in winter, thicker at male and thinner at female.

Tips for wolf hunting:
The legal hunting period is between September 15th to March 31st, each year a small number of wolves may be hunted, the special quota approved by the Ministerial Order of MAPDR. At wolf hunting is allowed to use both smooth bore gun with shot or single projectile and also weapons with bullets which are recommended both in ambush and fumbling. Conventional trophies are skull and fur.

Did you know that?
• Wolf is the mammal with the highest body temperature.
• A wolf pack is always led by a pair consisting of one male and one female. If a wolf is trapped or shot and injured the other wolves will kill him.
• Wolf cubs are born blind, deaf and blue-eyed, the eye color changing after 8 weeks in amber.
• Vikings used to drink the wolves’ blood and put on their furs to get their “spirit” in battle.
• Wolf can rotate its eyes to 250 degrees and sees as well at night and day.

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