Hunting Romania

Hunting means tradition, history and culture. It had and it has a very important influence on human life ever since ancient times until today.

Passion for nature makes us understand the role of hunting, namely to permanently maintain an optimal effect of hunting, thereby preserving the natural balance.

Romania is a country with a very high potential of species. We invite you to discover them!

In Romania hunting is allowed only to people over 18 who hold a hunting and gun license. Hunting is done after a plan established by the Ministry of Water’s Environment and Forests only during hunting seasons. Hunting is allowed with rifle and the smooth-bore gun, being prohibited to hunt by bow or crossbow.

Hunting seasons in Romania:
- chamois: 1.09 - 15.12
- wild boars: 1.08 - 15.02
- male common deer: 10.09 - 15.12
- female common deer: 1.09 - 15.02
- male bucks: 15.05 - 15.10
- female bucks: 1.09 - 15.02
- bears: 15.09-31.12 și 15.03-14.05
- wolves: 1.11-31.03
- foxes: all year

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