Hunting foxes in Romania

About foxes
Fox is an animal that adapts very easily in all conditions. The only factor influencing fox is the ground. Fox needs a good ground to build its burrow; it prefers forested areas without groundwater near the earth's surface. It builds burrow with pleasure and around abandoned buildings, agricultural territories, in tree hollows or in rush-bed. The fox’s burrows usually have 2 entries but you can meet burrows with 4-5 entries. In large burrows, it may occur that one of the corners be inhabited by fox and in the other by a badger. Its color is generally brown -red with legs and tail darker but varies from one geographic area to another. Some specimens have yellowish- rusty color on the back and at sides and the belly and the interior side of the legs is gray.

Tips for fox hunting:
Fox hunting is allowed throughout the year to burrow, to lure or by call, Fox trophies are skull and fur. In our fund of hunting it can be hunted. Law of hunting. Order of approving the list of permitted hunting dogs in Romania. Order no. 353. Regime of weapons and ammunition.

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