Chamois hunting in Romania

About chamois
Chamois is an herbivorous mammal that lives on the mountain ridges and despite its name of black (in Romanian is called the black chamois) it is yellowish brown in summer and dark brown in winter. The male’s weight is 30-50 kg and the female’s is 25-40 kg. Both sexes have persistent horns. The most common sound made by chamois is a relatively strident ”whistling” of alarming the others. Chamois has a highly developed smell and a very good hearing. Chamois sees really great from distance, especially objects in motion, but do not see at close range the well camouflaged hunter. The trophy is represented by horns with the whole skull or a part of it.

Tips for chamois hunting
Chamois hunting is done exclusively on ambush or fumbling, race being prohibited by law. The weapons you can use must be with a bullet and have a minimum size of 6 mm. The hunting season is from September 1st to December 15th for a copy of selection and from October 15th to December 15th for a copy of trophy.

Did you know that?
• Romania holds the world record obtained since 1937, with a copy hunted in Fagaras Mountains in 1934 the OS Arpas. This record is of 141.10 CIC points, also in Romanian Carpathians being hunted 8 of the top 10 worldwide trophies.
• Chamois is a good meteorologist foreseeing the weather change by withdrawing itself to woods in case of bad weather.
• Chamois leaps 10 m without take-off.

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