Hunting bucks in Romania

About bucks
Buck is an herbivorous animal, ruminant, with an average length of 1 - 1.30 m, height of approximately 70 cm and a weight of 25-30 kg. Sexual dimorphism is evident by the fact that the male has horns which are exuviated in autumn. Hair is often flat and smooth, reddish in summer and gray in winter. Longevity is appreciated to 12-15 years, after the age of 8 years entering in setback. The most developed senses of buck are smell and hearing. Its main enemies are wolves and lynx in hills and mountains and foxes, wild cats and dogs in plains.

Tips for bucks hunting:
The allowed hunting methods are fumbling and ambush or walk or by cart. Buck can be successfully lured during the mating using mechanical call. Hunting has a greater chance of success in the evening and in the morning when the buck is leaving its place to rest and comes out in open places for food or immediately after rain, when it comes out in sunny areas to dry itself. The legal hunting period is from May 15th to October 15th in males and from September 1st to February 15th in females. It can be hunt both by smooth bore gun (only with single projectile) and also by rifle having a minimum caliber of the projectile of 5.6 mm, length of tube of 43 mm and projectile’s weight of 3.24 g. The buck’s trophy is represented by horns with skull or part of it.

Did you know that?
• It communicates with its baby by sound signals translated by calls or danger alarm.

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