Hunting bears in Romania

About bears
Bear is a very powerful animal belonging to Ursidos family. The Romanian Brown Bear - regarded by many biologists as sub-species not yet registered - has a body up to 2.5 m length, a height up to 1.5 m and a maximum weight of 600 kg. Brown bears have a thick fur, much appreciated, with two rows of hairs, ear and lint. Although the basic color is brown-fawn, the variations are particularly large, from reddish to almost black bears. Some specimens show white spots on the neck, sometimes forming a real collar.

Tips for bears hunting:
The bear is hunt by methods of fumbling and ambush in fall and fumbling and ambush in spring. The weapon used for hunting bears is rifled.

Did you know that?
• Bear cubs are blind at birth, without teeth, without fur, and weighing less than 500 grams.
• The world record bear fur has 687.79 CIC points and was shot in 1983 in Romania.
• The 10 most valuable brown bear furs in the world are from Romania.

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